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A few weeks back I was kindly  invited by the lovely teamat Farfetch to spend the day creating my own unique fragrance with The Perfume Studio

The event was hosted at the beautiful the Hilton Kensington where we were kindly greeted with a glass go champagne upon arrival . Along with a few bloggers we were taught and explained how the world of perfume making works.A lovely lady called Bridget from The Perfume Studio talked us through the process of  perfume making and how they are put together. I thought is only fair I share some of the things were taught, the a perfume consist of 3 different scents  , these are called; Top, Base & Middle. The base is the strongest scent the Top is the initial fragrance you smell but tends to go quite quickly. 

We were introduced t0 18  scents from each category and categorised those into likes, dislikes and maybes . I personally went for a more musky and sophisticated  scent .After a lot of sniffing and hard decision making  I had chosen my  3 scents which were put together in order to create my own personal scent. You  are able to use different measurements of each smell, and can have as many scents in it as you like although it is best to stick to no more than 3.

Then came the tricky part naming it, I went for Risque I liked the way it sounded and honestly thought it was really relatable to the smell I had come up with. We were kindly given our perfume to keep and now I have my own personal unique fragrance which is pretty cool in mu opinion The perfume studio offer experiences as such as gifts which I would totally recommend to anyone who loves perfume like myself.

After we had all created our perfumes we went down for afternoon tea in the restaurant of the hotel which was beautifully presented and we were truly spoilt for choice with all the cakes and sandwiches. 

Overall it was such a great experience and a lovely  afternoon so a big thank you to FarFetch and The Perfume Studio for having me I had a blast.


Fitness is something I have been into for a while now , I've done a few fitness post in the past which proved to be quiet popular so decided to do a few more over the last few weeks starting with my latest routine and my plan for the next few weeks. Although I have been training for a while now , I feel like my diet is something I have always gone of track with from times to times. Overall I do enjoy eating healthy but like all of us I do have my days where all I crave is pizza , and I have a terribly bad sweet tooth cheesecake , chocolate you name it I simply can't resist sometimes. Having said that I have been better at making wiser decisions and doing the 80% to 20% diet where I try and stick to only eating oh so called " bad foods" 20% of the time, in addition I have incorporated protein and fat burners along with super foods and healthier alternatives to my diet which have defiantly made a difference. 

I have been using the Protein Works range at the moment which Im very happy with so far , the protein powder tastes good and I do feel like the fat burners make a difference in my overall workout performance due to the caffeine in them.  Another powder I have been trying out is the Bulk Super Greens  powder and I'll be honest it is not the best tasting but once mixed in with a fruit smoothie you can hardly taste it , its a great way to get your greens.

Exercise wise I train 4-5 times a week at the gym which I personally really enjoy , I do a mixture  of cardio, spin , weight and zumba class training as I like to mix it up and keep it interesting. As of this week I will be doing a personal training session once a week as an addition to my current work out plan which I'm looking forward to. My personal fitness goals is to tone up rather than loose anymore weight , I defiantly think its a lifestyle you need to adjust to rather than a quick fix but it defiantly is worth it.

Greece Zakynthos 2015 & A little life Update

It has been a good few months since I've sat down and written a post , I've been meaning to do it for a while but with a new job, and honestly a little lack of motivation I felt like I have slightly neglected this little space of mine but after a break and a little time to think I am back on the blogging mode and really want to fully commit to it. I have so many lovely product reviews to share with you, a few fitness posts and new outfit posts to come too ,  so I am very  much looking forward to sharing it all with you all.

Over the last few weeks I have started training now if you have followed me for a while you know I've been attending the gym for a decent amount of time but never really fully committed to the healthy diet lifestyle now that's not to say I am on some crazy diet as I know from experience these don't work long time , but more on that to come soon when I do my current fitness routine. 

You may have also noticed a slight change in my hair..  yep I went back to being a blondish colour , I was blonde for a while then decided to go dark but felt like I was really missing the light locks so here I am back on the blonde side. 

Last week I went on holiday to Greece, Zakynthos with one of my best friends and had the best time , met some great people, took some time to relax and re-think and catched some rays which was lovely considering we don't get much sun in the UK.

That's my little update for now , I will be posting regularly as of now and am looking forward to reading  your blogs too. I hope your all having a lovely summer. xo  


Hey Dolls, Today I have a pretty special post where each and every single one you can get involved with, a few months ago I was asked if I would be voluntarily be willing to get involved with the #weartbeatit foundation which deals with heart and circulatory disease and of course without hesitation I said yes simply because although this is not something I am personally affected by I am aware of how many of our friends and family have been or are going through this and If it means that we can help even just a little bit it could potentially save someones life.

How to get involved?

Its so simple and easy to get involved there simply is no excuses. All the British Heart foundation are asking you to do is show of anything red on the 6th of February which is the Official Date of the #wearitbeatit event, it could be a red top, lipstick , shoes , nail polish the possibilities are endless!! Simply share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts and be sure to use the hashtag #wearitbeatit but you could also host and event click here for more information and how the BHF are willing to help you out on this. If hosting an event is not something you can do you can simply donate here no matter how big or small your donation is it all adds up and really helps anyone affected by this.

British Heart Foundation is the nation's heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research. Their research has been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are helping to change the face of the UK's fight against cardiovascular disease.



It has been a while since I've done a fitness related post but with the Christmas Festive season its fair to say we all let ourselves go a little and indulge but once the New Year begins we are all in the ' Reset/ Fresh Start' mode and I am pretty sure just like myself many of you have set yourself a goal to lead a healthy lifestyle in 2015 for me I also would like to tone up more than loose weight as such so I have stocked up on some fitness supplements , fitness gear and am ready to kick some ass this year haha.  I have decided to try and test out some new supplements and protein powders to see which one's work best for me. I did some research over Christmas in preparation to my fitness journey and came across the two above seen in the photos. 

First is the Phentramine -Rx50 which is essentially a Fat Burning product , this is a bit of a controversial product as a lot of people question whether these actually work or do more harm to your body. Personally I think its entirely up to you whether you want to include these as part of your routine but I would recommend doing a lot of research before trying any out like I have done with these ones. Having done my research these had very high ratings and great reviews, I have been using these for over two weeks now and so far have been very happy with them I will do a full review once I have finished using the product.   Phentramine Rx 50 can be bought on , it was designed to help you work harder , tone up and tighten up your body as they claim, the product works by burning the excess fat cells and giving you a boost throughout our workout as it contains caffeine. 

Next is protein now I have tried and tested many but am always on the look out for whats out there an have been doing more research to find one that is suitable for women and contains ingredients which are somewhat natural. Whilst doing my research I came across the which is a brand I have never heard or tried before but after doing a little browsing on their website I liked the sound of this particular protein powder AnyWhey Slim which is a weight loss formula that contains other beneficial ingredients such as Acai, Green Matcha Tea and many more antioxidant ingredients.  Although the flavour choices are pretty standard they taste great , I am currently using the Vanilla flavoured one , it works great in smoothies, mixed in with porridge or for protein pancakes . I will do  healthy protein recipe posts in the next few weeks to show you how you could use this not only in shakes but also for some great recipes.  


Whilst the supplements above have been helping me with achieving my toned body of course the main and most important part of this journey is an active lifestyle and making sure regular exercise is part of it. I have been  gym member for quiet a while now but recently I have written myself an exercise plan in order to make sure I am exercising the right muscle groups in the right order so that they have time to repair themselves. I use to be a treadmill and cardio addict but over the last few months I have introduced more weight work and less cardio to my routine and have honestly wished I've done that sooner it gives you amazing results much faster, it also makes sense as the more muscle you have in your body the more fat you burn so ladies it's time to start lifting.  If you would like me to do a post on my exercise routine and plan just let me know as I would be more than happy to do a post on this for you but also if you have any tips or recommendations do leave them in the comments below.

What are your fitness goals/ tips this year?


Hello Beauties, so I took a bit of a break away from blogging just before Christmas as it all got a little bit hectic with work and of course with the festive season I wanted to spend some quality time with my family, friends and in general decided I need a break . I am now officially back and excited to start working on my blog again as I have some exciting stuff coming up this year which I am very much looking forward to sharing with you all. Although I took a break way from posting I have been doing some  behind the scene work and planning etc. I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and want to wish you all a Happy New Year! 

With the new year of course comes the contraversive topic of New Years resolutions and although I do agree with many people who says everyday is a chance to start fresh I have set myself some goals which I hope to achieve in the upcoming year. I would like to dedicate more time to my blog and produce higher quality content, pursue my interior design career further and lastly continue with my fitness and health journey not just to be able to get the body in the shape and from I want it in but also to lead a more healthy lifestyle, these are the main three goals I have set myself on top a few smaller ones such as being more positive , living for the moment and appreciating what I have more rather than focusing on what I don't and I do think a lot of us are guilty of some of these. 

The year of 2014 was a year were I would say was a bit of a rollercoaster for me it had it good and bad sides , it was a year where quiet a few changes took place in my life I moved back to London after living in Cardiff for four years as after I graduated I was offered a job as an Interior Designer which was such an amazing learning opportunity but it was time for me to move back to London and start a new chapter in my life and although not everything went completely to plan I do think everything happens for a reason  this year I am aiming to pursue my career as an interior designer further in London to gain more experience and hopefully travel a bit more as I would love to visit a few countries were I could possibly work within an interior design company which would be an amazing experience but I am also hoping to get more involved in the fashion and beauty industry as it is also something I very much enjoy and have a lot of interest in . Last year has defiantly encouraged me to work hard towards my goals and life plans so I am looking forward to 2015 and the  possibilities and opportunities it holds.  

What are your 2015 resolutions? 


Hey Beauties, Today I have a bit more of a rambly let's catch up kind of post.Firstly I can not believe it is December already !! As you can see from the photo above I decided to go a bit festive haha and honestly can not wait for Christmas now.  Over the last few days I haven't blogged much mainly because I have been doing  a bit of what I would say is behind the scenes work on my blog such as working on a new theme from pipdig which is still in progress but I think it looks much cleaner and better so soon it should be completely done. I have also been  planning my posts and how I would like to organise them a bit more to have more of a variety but also to create content that is of high quality.  As it is a bit of a catch up I thought I'd tell you a little what I have been up to this week. I was invited to a Vashi Diamonds event which was a great experience the rings were just stunningly beautiful you can see them above I do have a full post on the event coming up this week so you'll be able to see more snaps from that. On saturday myself and a few of my friends went out which was so much fun we went to Love & Liquoir Club in London , you simply can not go wrong with a girls night right? I also went out for dinner which is where I am rocking the red bandeau top with gold accents I really liked the way the outfit looked so thought I'd share that with you . As excited as I am for Christmas I am not as excited about the cold wether but of course  since has been a little chilly it is time to get my onesie out and I am in love with this Mickey mouse number which is so cosy and coffee well its an essential all year around . Oh and lastly how amazing are those leopard print Miss Guided Shoes.. I am simply in love. I hope your all having a fab week.

What have you been up to lately? 


Morning All, firstly I hope you all had a fab weekend! I've had a pretty busy one working but I still managed to get a bit of time off yesterday afternoon and had a pretty lazy Sunday. Today's post is a little sum up as well as a little update of what I have been up to and what's coming up on my blog over the next few weeks. I don't know about you but my mornings always start with a cup of coffee I am one of those ' but first coffee' people, in fact probably many of you can  relate haha. So this week I have been obsessing over Sarah's Ashcrofts instagram aka That Pommie Girl , this girl just gets it right every time, I simply adore her style. Not too long ago I did a Fitness post and I am going to do an update as well as in general I would like to produce more fitness and health related posts as this is something I have really been into for a while and still keeping it up, I've been pretty good with the gym and training 5/6 times a week, which may seem like a lot but I really enjoy it and find I feel so much better after doing even a little bit of exercise , it has simply become a big part of my routine. If you follow my blog for a while you know it is rare I rock a bold lip, but I was recently in Westfield and saw this berry lipliner from KIKO which I am wearing in the photo above and have totally fallen in love with it, personally I think it is a perfect Fall colour. Lastly I have decided to start posting on my Interior Design Blog which I did neglect a little due to lack of time but I really want to start posting more and I recently did a Christmas Decor Post so if you Would like to check that out click here. I have a pretty busy week coming up , new fashion posts and some great product reviews coming up of products I have been testing out so that's what I will be blogging about this week.

How was your weekend?


Bonjour chicas, Today we are talking hair care, now this is something I am personally very big on being someone who use to be blond for years I have to admit I have done some damage to my hair but I am currently on a journey to get my hair back to a pretty good condition and having discovered this pretty amazing brand I think I may be getting there a lot sooner. Of course there is no miracle potion to instantly repair the hair shaft however with the use of the right products and care it is achievable for sure. 

A few weeks back I was very kindly invited by The Unleashed Potential to have a complimentary KeraStraight treatment done at the Salon Interntional Event hosted in London which I was super stoked about and am so happy with the final results after the treatment. Everyone I met at the event was super lovely and the girl that styled my hair was an absolute babe. I had the chance not only to experience the amazing results of their products but meeting the lovely team behind it all. 

I was then very kindly invited to their next event at the Trevor Sorbie Salon where they were launching their products and treatments. Ladies the Fact that the amazing Trevor Sorbie which I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to you is launching this brand at his Salons must say something about the brand. I have not heard about the brand prior to them contacting me however I am so glad o have discovered them because if your someone who uses hair extensions this brand is the one for you , their products work beautifully on both your hair and the extensions. Below you can discover a little bout their brand.

At the event which was hosted by the Unleashed Potential and LookFantastic team we all got to meet the lovely team and had a personalised consultation so that our goodie bags were filled with products specifically designed for our hair needs which I thought was a fantastic idea as that way you're sure that the products your getting are designed to help you achieve the results your after with your hair care routine.

Your were also able to get the treatment done at the event which was super kind of them however as I mentioned above I already had the treatment done a few weeks prior to the event so on this occasion I did not participate in this .

 Of course we were very well looked after with both soft and alcoholic drinks and some amazing canap├ęs with such lovely stuff.

 I also got the opportunity too meet some lovely new bloggers I have not met before Emilykebeauty , and the gorgeous and ever so lovely Gracie Francesca which I am sure you all know who she is! It was great to meet some fellow bloggers and have a bit of a girly chat with them all.

I have been trying and testing all the products that I kindly received at the event and am actually loving them all however the two product I would really recommend you try is their KerraStraight Oil which is a beautiful lightweight oil that adds instant moisture and shine to your hair without making it look greasy or weighing it down which I find a lot of oils do. The second product which I have fallen in love with is their moisture treatment it is such a luxurious product it really adds a shot of moisture to the hair just after one use so I am really looking forward to seeing the results after a few months. The moisture pack treatment has also been very beloved by my mum who's been using it with me and has been loving just as much as me. As to the rest of the products I will do full reviews of them all very soon but I am still in the process of testing them out .Once again a bit thank you to everyone involved in both of the events I had a blast!!

Have you tried this brand before? If so what was your opinion of this brand?


Hello Beauties, I hope you've all had a fun halloween weekend as I sure have, I went to a halloween party at Love & Liquor Club which was a lot of fun, not being a student anymore I have to admit I do miss the whole fancy dress shizzle sometimes! So it was super fun to go all out and dress up with my girls this weekend. As you can tell from the photos I decided to go as a leopard which I loved the way it turned out. Although my outfit on the scary scale was pretty low  I loved the vampy look I created with the black lips and big lashes as seen in the photo below paired with this gorgeous RARE LONDON Leopard Print Playsuit and a simple leopard face mask  I think it looked pretty good if I may say so myself. I absolutely adored my friend's Camilla's black swan make up which she did on her I think it looked absolutely beautiful. Below there's a few more snaps from our night. What did you do for halloween?


Keeping fit is something I try and include in my daily lifestyle routine, but we all know it is so easy to get off track sometimes . I am pretty sure we all would love to have that toned body we see all over instagram which motivates us for about ten minutes and we go and end up eating chocolate those ten minutes later haha trust me we have all been there! However recently I have been trying to be good not by restricting myself or completely cutting something out of my diet but just by making a few changes in my daily routine which have been helping me to tone up and although I am not there yet I can definitely see progress and want to keep it up. 

I find fitness posts really helpful as you can see what others do and learn some new tips and tricks you can incorporate in to your own personal lifestyle. Today I'll talk about my top five tips on how to tone up and have a slightly healthier lifestyle not just to loose weight but feel better too.Of course what works for me may not work for you but regardless here's the steps I have been taking to get my oh so called 'dream body'

One: I am a true believer that 'Abs are made in the kitchen' you can exercise for hours but if your diet is poor and high in fats and sugars you simply will not see any results. What works for me is still having everything I like to eat just limiting the junk to as little as possible. 

Two: Exercise is very important I like to do a mixture of cardio and strength training , personally I see results much quicker when I do more strength training  , cardio alone will not tone you up at least thats the case with me. I enjoy taking classes at the gym I go to I mostly do body pump  body attack , zumba and aerobics , but I also train at the gym on top of doing those classes I like to switch it up.

Three: Green Tea and Water are really going to help you beat that bloated belly and keep everything flowing haha! I try to drink at least 2 litres of water and 2/3 cups of green tea a day , they are also great for your skin .

Four: Take it step by step, noting happens overnight and you have to be patient theres no need to starve or over exercise ladies this will only lead to failure as you will not be able to stick this kind of a lifestyle for long.

Five: Buy yourself some cute gym wear! This really helps at actually making you want to go to the gym! I recently invested in a few gym tops and leggins and I can assure you its like having new clothes you simply want to wear it and get out in it. It works! 

Lastly I wanted to touch up on the supplements I have been taking, now I am not saying this is something you need or should invest in but I have been taking them and do believe they have been helping me to achieve my goals. The first one is protein powder , the one I am using at the moment is the Protein Works Diet Whey which tastes really good and is super affordable. In terms of multivitamins I take a multivitamin as well as Omega 3 fish oil every night. Recently I also incorporated this Fat Killer which you take in the morning and prior to your work out now I know this is not something that everyone approves of and I haven't been using it long enough to tell you if it's working or not but I will do an updated review once I have used it all up.

I hope you have found this helpful and if you have any questions or tips do leave them in the comments below. xo 


This weekend I visited one of my friend's in Cardiff for her birthday and had such a blast! I only moved back down from Cardiff a few months ago after living there for four years so it was great to see everyone and have a catch up with some of my old friends.She organised a BBQ and a house party which was lovely and we deffo did party hard and made the most out of it. The following day we went out for lunch in Penarth by a beach which was so beautiful and relaxing but I am now back in London and ready to get back to work. 

I have been thinking of ways to improve my blog for a while and I decided I want to give my  blog a bit of a makeover , nothing too big I simply want to organise my weekly posts so that there is some what of a structure to it, what I mean by that is  I want to have a schedule to what posts go up on what day I feel like that way it will be more organised and there will be a good variations of posts from fashion, beauty, lifestyle and maybe a little bit of fitness too?!  

I started of as a beauty blogger but I discovered my love for fashion and as you have probably seen if your a regular reader of my blog I have been doing quiet a few fashion related posts which I love doing so these will continue to make an appearance on my blog I simply just want my blog to be more varied and interesting. If you have any ideas or posts that you would like to see me do please do let me know any feedback I would really appreciate. Hope your all having a great week. xo